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Monday, April 03, 2006

Men's clothing - The allure of pheromones.

So, I'm a big clothes stealer. I always have been it's something that I do. Like dogs sniff each others behinds, I swap clothes. I have this feeling about clothes sharing, it's a very personal thing and it means a great deal to me when someone gives me a jumper / t shirt to wear. This ritual happens with many of my friends but the prize of prize, for me, is a man's jumper.

Firstly there big! I'm quite tall for a girl and have been told that I have swimmers shoulders, so it's not that often that I feel small. But in a man's jumper you always feel tiny, the sleeves come down to your fingers and the waist is down by your bum. It's a great feeling, swamped in a big warm jumper! Secondly, they smell of man. Men smell great, I don't care what people day about being sweaty or smelly or anything else, Men smell fantastic! obviously I'm not talking about all men but if you are sharing a jumper with a man chances are he's not a stranger. I'm perfectly aware that my response to a man's smell is my body telling me to mate with him, I know this. Our bodies are designed to send out signals to attract the right sort of genes to make beautiful babies, all I can say is hurrah for science! There's nothing as great as the smell of a man. I'm not talking about aftershave or body spray, those things smell nice for sure. I love the actual smell of a man, the smell you get when you get up close to them!

Men's jumpers are a hug that lasts all day, a feeling of warmth, longing and love and I love it to bits!