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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Goths, bad hair, worse clothes and 'back to the future'

It's nearly my birthday.

I decided to put this in not because I am excited or wanting people to gush over how big I've got, it's just a fact.

Back, back way back 21 years ago I was born, 'I wanna know what love is' was the UK number one and Transformers was the must have toy. It's quite sad really I'm no longer thrilled by the countdown to my birthday I've even got to the point where my parents are giving me an 'I owe you' for my Birthday present as the prospect of hunting out something chills me to the bone.

I've hit the realisation that age is catching up with me, I've even started a list of things I will now have to do including exercise regularly, cleanse, tone and moisturise daily and other such boring things. I was also sad enough to weigh up how much I would pay for a good pair of trousers. Sad I know but let's face it, what wouldn't you give for a good pair of pants? I decided to go on the hunt, I went to cheap and cheerful and all the way up and lo and behold I found them! I won't fool you, they didn't make me into something I'm not but man, they were good.....until I saw the price tag! £67 (that's a staggering $120!) it was shocking these weren't sewn by purple unicorns, they weren't made of spider's webs or designed by Jesus they were just a pair of kecks! I umm and ahh over buying a pack of Jelly belly as they are expensive over here so how could I buy these trousers? so I didn't and now I'm sitting here thinking that maybe, just maybe I could get them as a birthday present......

Monday, January 09, 2006

So lazy! Bad Tramp!

Well I'm back from Christmas. I am now tired and slightly more portly then before I left.

It's embarrassing when for the first day of work you make sure that your loosest fitting trousers are around so you can squeeze into them and kid yourself you haven't gained any weight knowing full well that were you to attempt to put any other pair on they would burst at the seams. I am however working to combat this already, I have already been swimming and kick boxing last week and will be keeping it up (honest!)

So Christmas was good, I received lots of gifts that were on my wish list and I few that I didn't even know existed. I received lots of art stuff so must really get back into the swing of working but the prize of Christmas had to be the original artwork by Ross Campbell that my boyfriend got me. I adore his Comic 'Wet Moon' and have bored the pants of my honey about how much I love the story, How much I love the Characters and how much I love the artwork, I think I bugged him so much he bought it to shut me up. I spent the back end of my Christmas holiday over at his house and to tell the truth I think I got far too comfortable at his house.

But I'm now back in my shared house and I just can't bring myself to tidy my room. It is full of debris from fleeting visits (you know the ones, you come in throw down your subway wrapper and find your good pants. You run in dump your washing and raid your wardrobe for that nice dress you haven't wore in ages.) It is in desperate need of what my mother used to call 'a good dit,' but I am lazy and have so many new things to play with that there is no time. I've had so little time I'm a week late with the blog, I will post this now though and will hopefully get back into the swing of things.