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Friday, December 16, 2005

wha?....wha?....I can't hear you?

Well I'm in a little bubble of my own today due to temporary deafness.

Yesterday my plucky sister (ain't she a doll?) rang me to let me know that Skindred were playing a local pub and Mug that I am I decided to go. I had an amazing time as I knew I would, but the price was high. The plucky things that we are we darted to the safety barrier and stayed there the whole night. We sat through (or should I say stood through) two support band both good although the second had major tech problems. So Skindred came on and proceeded to make the place go crazy, I can honestly say I've never seen a crowed so involved in a gig. I left in a post euphoric trance, stumbled to bed and slept like a soldier after a hard, bloody but victorious battle.

This morning I ached, I ached in places I didn't know ached. Now believe me, I've been to the gym I've had a hard work-out, a swim and finished off with a stretch and tone and you ache, you do. But this was the ache of true exercise, not the artificial man-made exertion created to mimic real work. If you've ever dug a flower bed or broken rocks for a rockery you will under stand what I mean, it's a completely different feeling. An evening of being in the front of a pit had taken it's toll. I have a bruises running up my back, bruises on each elbow, no skin on my right arm due to a guy with the scrathiest top in history and the muscles in my biceps, triceps, Quads, and hamstrings throb like they are on fire. All of this is nothing, doesn't worry me as I am in my fug of deafness (although it is getting through the day!)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Lack of sleep and holidays


I'm thoroughly ashamed of myself for not writing in my blog for so long but I have been super busy!

I've just moved office at work and have had to find out where my *new* closest and nicest coffee machine, chocolate machine and toilet is. I hate moving office, it always makes you think about how great your previous arrangements were.

these last few weeks I've been so tired, no matter what time I go to bed I toss and turn and just can't get to sleep. I can't decide if I'm too hot or too cold, if it's too light or too dark I've tried them all and none seem to get me a better nights sleep. the only good sleep I get is between 6.20 when my first alarm goes off and 7.30 when I force myself out of bed. I'm sure I'm being tortured for something, I've always been a bad sleeper but I've never been for more then a week without one good sleep. If things carry on this way I can see myself falling asleep at my desk, drooling slightly on my keyboard.

Christmas is nearly, nearly here! It's peeking over the horizon like a child over a fence, cheeky little grin on it's face and rosy cheeks from the cold! I've managed to get a whole week off for Christmas for once which is shocking I'm usually working right up to it and back in as soon as the bank holidays are over. I'm really looking forward to it though as I can spend half of the week with my folks and the other with my B/F.

Ahh bless Christmas how lovely it is and how great that I can stretch it out to a whole week!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

World AIDS Day

It's World AIDS day and I would like to offer my thoughts and love to anyone who's life has been touched by AIDS or HIV. I also want to encourage everyone who reads this to help educate about the necessity of protection against AIDS and HIV and to help wipe out prejudice and hate against those who are suffering.