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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

No snow....

Well it didn't snow, we had a flurry yesterday but it was nothing spectacular and didn't even settle.

I've had my hair dyed to my winter coat a lovely colour called 'bitter chocolate.' It's beautiful and makes my hair look amazingly shiny, I feel like Betty Page! Suddenly I'm being inundated with compliments about my appearance, who'd have thought that a simple dye job could have that much effect. I've also decided my outfit for my b/f Christmas party, one to really shock the girls on his team.

See the problem is all the girls in his team are bitches. Actually let me correct that, they are loving, dedicated, swooning, attentive girl to men to women they are bitches. strangely enough I don't have time for girls like that, life's hard enough without contending with women who hate you simply because you are like them. It's like watching a tank of Japanese fighting fish; lovely and elegant swooping gracefully around there surroundings until they spot a rival and then the grace and elegance is gone, the claws are out and it's show time.

The problem is I remember these girls from my school days, sure they aren't the same girls who tried to belittle me back then the names are different and so are the faces but deep down it's the same putrid soul. The problem I have is that I don't fit, I don't wear fashionable clothes or fashionable shoes or anything, if you saw me walk down the street you'd probably call me a Goth (but I don't believe in labelling by such generic terms.) So what happens to me is worse then them fighting between themselves, they all pick on me. The tragic thing is they still think they are in school and that I'll cry and run home, they don't realise how pathetic they all look in their 'genuine imitation Gucci dress' and their 'genuine Diamante necklace' all wearing the same only in a different colour sipping there bubbly out of a bottle with a straw and tottering over to someone who 'looks like he's got a bit of cash to throw around.' I kid you not people, these are the girls who somehow stagger into your birthday celebrations eat the food, grab a bottle of Bubbly kiss your bloke and drag themselves out again.

So hopefully my dreams of snow will come true at some point this week or I won't be happy.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Well the local weather report is saying it'll snow this weekend so I am really happy. I've also nearly finished all my Christmas shopping and will have the fun of wrapping. I feel like I've missed out a little though as I've cheated and done some of my shopping on-line.

Now don't get me wrong I don't enjoy being shoved and pushed in a tiny store, nor do I like the bruises from women who consider a pram as a form of battering ram and not a object to ease the transportation of children. I suppose that for me part of the fun is strolling around and looking at things and enjoying the time. The problem with a lot of people is they are far too concerned is getting all there shopping done in half an hour (because obviously the store will have run out of lavender foot cream by ten o'clock and you know how Aunty Mabel loves it) and less concerned in enjoying the experience.

I have my final shop on Saturday though and nothing would make it more special then a light dusting of snow on the ground and little snow flakes falling from the sky. Then coming home and hanging my trousers up to dry (ah the capillary action of cords) and having a cup of fruit tea before I'm back out to see my b/f, snuggling up on the sofa watching some old movies with Chinese take-away and then maybe having a walk when it gets dark.

Man I love winter!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Too much cake makes for a philosophical Tramp

No blog for a while, I've been ill in bed with a throat infection.

I'm back now in full force (or as much force as I usually have.) I'm feeling quite touched as I have found that my blog has been linked by Frankengirl. So I thought I'd dedicate this post to her. Should you have managed to stumble into my world before hers then I suggest you go and visit her as her writing is has the feeling of both age and youth with intellect and emotion all wrapped up in beautiful prose.

Today is children in need day and I'm at work tucking in to my 4th cake from a cake sale. I'm starting to feel amazingly sick but I keep eating as 'it is for charity' as my colleagues keep telling me.

So while I'm munching away I thought I'd put an entry in my blog and what I wanted to talk about was chivalry. Now If you are a woman you are probably well aware of this word and thousands of images of men on white chargers and laying there cloak down for you have come swarming into your brain. Maybe you are a bit more of a realist and have images of a man showing you to your seat in a restaurant or holding a door open for you. Or maybe you are an actualist and are thinking 'yeah right.' But finally maybe your a man and have no idea what this word means or the relevance it has in your life.

Now I am not talking about any of these chivalrous acts as although having a door held open for me is nice I wouldn't be disgusted if a man didn't do it but I do think that since the unspoken abolishment of chivalry women have got a pretty raw deal. Man and Woman are two very different structures and as a whole men are stronger bigger and more robust, why then must this point be exaggerated?

My biggest gripe is men who imagine themselves to have an impossibly large member when seating themselves, I regularly use public transport and when sitting with many of my male friends have had no trouble whatsoever fitting two of us on a seat. Why then am I often forced right to the edge of a seat (barely one cheek on) by some man who believes that he is carrying two coconuts and a baguette between his legs? these men sprawl themselves wide on their seat with legs so far apart they could be straddling an imaginary pony. Gentlemen if you are reading this and are guilty of doing this let me shatter some illusions the bust blonde sitting next to you on the bus/train/tube who keeps looking at you is not admiring you, she is simply laughing at the fact you think you are that big. The other big problem I have is with men who shove their way past women to get on busses/ to the till/ in a shop/ in the lift first. Surprisingly we know that you are bigger and stronger then us but also surprisingly we will do our damnedest to make sure you don't get ahead of us.

I wonder sometimes where this world is going? kids who scare adults, men who have no respect for women, women who have no respect for themselves. I'm sure it wasn't always like this, or maybe as I get older I become less romantic about the world around me.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Winter activities here we come!

I'm in a fairly chipper mood today as I'm going ice-skating this weekend, I haven't been in years so I'm really excited it will make me feel so Christmasey. I also officially start Christmas shopping tomorrow and I can't wait. I love the whole ritual of Christmas shopping, getting into town early and scouring the shops for bits and bobs that people will like, getting to put on my nice long scarf (that I finally completed after two months of knitting,) a warm coat and my fingerless gloves with mitten attachment. I love having bags of goodies and then going to Starbucks for their Christmas coffee. Once there I can snuggle into a big, comfy seat and look at what I have bought thinking about what this years wrapping scheme will be. Then finally off to Hobbycraft for my wrapping paraphernalia and stuff to make my Christmas cards. Then it's off home, I make myself a cup of tea and start wrapping my pressies and making my Christmas cards, find a good hiding place for them and stash them.

Some people wonder why I start this early. I find that if I do it all now I can save more money before Christmas and get people more if I want instead of trying to buy everyones on a budget. Plus it means that when New year comes around I'm not too poor.

I can't wait for Christmas, it's already seeming wintery outside I'm lucky as I have a nice sort of wilderness outside my house so I can sit and look out my window at it and feel like I'm miles away from anyone else. There's something about winter that makes me happy, the world seems magical somehow all tipped with frost and that bite of cold in the air.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Rapier wit...on a shirt

This weekend I've been so busy. I've been helping my B/F with his new house which has been stressful mostly because It means that all our time is spent facing opposing walls and stripping (the boring wallpaper kind not the good kind.)

I've also turned into agony aunt extraordinaire as everyone seems to have a problem that only I can solve, funny how when it's the other way around no one feels qualified. But it made me wonder why some people are good at giving advice and others aren't, moreover why if I give such good advice can't I advise myself.

It's like clothes, I can go and pick a wardrobe for a friend and every item will be stunning on them. When I go shopping I wander around aimlessly and end up on the net buying 3 new 'penny arcade' t-shirts, I mean they're great but c'mon it's not my wit on the shirt. That's like an ugly woman wearing a pretty dress, it doesn't make her pretty it just makes her and ugly woman in a pretty dress. Reading Oscar Wilde and having witty quips on my t-shirt doesn't make me a Dandy with rapier wit, it just makes other geeks chuckle and everyone else stare blankly, so integrating into society is going well (no wonder I can't relate to anyone.)